Better Live Music in Charlotte

Live music lives in Charlotte, but it needs a music reboot.  There isn’t a supply problem in Charlotte’s music scene but a recognition and reputation problem.  If it had a new aura of music celebration, the local community would be more supportive of local music and promoters would see the area a profitable scene to bring more live music.  However, with so many music venues closing left and right it appears that the music scene in Charlotte is on decline.  

Charlotte needs a new appreciation for live music and needs to be challenged to have a spirit of live music.  We need to instill a new-found appreciation for live performances.  Organizations like Charlotte Center City Partners and AvidXChange are working toward this end, to bring a celebration and support for live music in Charlotte.  We at Pizazz Entertainment are also committed to this cause, to kindle a movement of support for live music which reboots the city’s reputation. 

Brian Howard