Support Charlotte’s Live Entertainment

Thriving cities have thriving live entertainment.   Charlotte is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, so why does it seem that it has a live entertainment problem?  Why does it seem that the city is thriving but the live performance scene is stagnate or even declining? Perhaps, the live entertainment problem is simply a false perception that we have made a reality.   Like a self-fulfilling prophecy, Charlotte’s reputation as a city that doesn’t support entertainment brings about the result of a city that doesn’t support entertainment.   We need a change of aura.

Atlanta has an aura of entertainment in music and movies.  Nashville has an aura as reputation as Country music’s capital.   NYC and LA are on the top of the list for not only American entertainment but international entertainment.  Like the ancients called upon Apollo with song, poetry, and dance,  Charlotte can develop a culture of live entertainment appreciation and support.    When a hunger and thirst for live entertainment increases then we will see change in aura. 

Pizazz Entertainment is working toward that end.  We are not only bringing good music and great performances to the area, we advocate for the support of Charlotte's live entertainment scene with luxury + lights.

Brian Howard