What’s the Pizazz Experience?

Photo by dwphotos/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by dwphotos/iStock / Getty Images

The bass thumps as you walk to the line outside the venue.  Outside you see a showcase of luxury cars in spotlights, from Mercedes to Bentley.  There dress code is loose but black ties and gowns are welcome.  Jordan’s to Stacy Adams are present.  Forever 21 to Prada dresses are flowing.   

The doors open with anticipation of the new worlds to see. Concert goers are greeted by a light show from the entrance to the stage.   Rolex and Tiffany are on display with five-star food samples. Armani to Louis Vuitton booths are ready for patronage. 

The seats fill and the stage is set.  But the stage becomes more than a platform but a symbol of unity among the audience.  Baptized in a flood of lights, they give birth to an experience to remember. 

Luxury + Lights.  That’s the Pizazz Experience.

Brian Howard